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getting the right massage for you

All massages are tailor-made to your requirements, ensuring you get the massage you need. You can mix a therapeutic, full body massage with more concentrated, remedial work into problem areas. And it’s possible to use hot stones as an all-over body massage, or mixed in as part of your massage for either relaxation or remedial / deep tissue work. All treatments can be either full or part body and you can even combine different treatments together, such as a facial massage with hand and Thai foot massage – anything is possible!

aromatherapy / oils / waxes

Aromatherapy oils are used for all the massages unless otherwise requested. 
Aromatherapy or plain waxes, made from pure and natural beeswax, can be used for deep tissue and myofascial work where a better grip is needed than can be provided by oil. 


Private Practice: Kemptown
Dolphin House Clinic: New Road, Brighton

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