facial massage

One of the most relaxing treatments available; clients often report a particularly deep level of relaxation following facial massage. A large part of the brain is occupied with the face – the structures relating to the face create extensive sensory feedback via the cranial nerves. Therefore when the face is massaged, the brain doesn't have a lot of time to think about other things and you can really switch off.

Nerves that originate in the face, neck and head also communicate with other areas of the body. The massage includes chest, neck, shoulders and head. Tension in the neck can restrict nerve impulses to the diaphragm, affecting breathing and the functioning of our visceral organs. Just as a foot massage can reach other parts of the body through reflexology, so with the facial massage.

The treatment includes facial reflexology points, acupressure, some manual lymphatic drainage movements, strong staccato movements which really encourage the muscles to let go, as wells as soothing strokes.

This is good for people who are public facing in their jobs, particularly where active listening is required, and the face has to do a lot of work. Also, emotional times put the facial muscles under strain, and anyone going through ortho / dental work would benefit.

This treatment can be given as a stand alone facial massage. Alternatively you can add it onto a full or part body massage. This works particularly well because applying sensitive touch to the face can overcome resistance towards relaxation during a body massage.

"It was much more intense than I expected it to be"



30 mins: €35