hot stone massage

Heat has enormous benefits for the body; it’s been used for thousands of years in various treatments. In a hot stone treatment, the body is massaged, part by part, with towels covering the rest of the body, using smooth, hot, volcanic stones. The hot stones not only massage the muscles, but are held for effect in tight areas, and specially placed on others. The heat makes the muscles relax.

The heat reaches deep into the bone, and stays. Many people report mental as well as physical benefits, and a change of state. The smooth, hypnotic rhythm of the moving stones really does switch off the mind.

Remedially, hot stone massage is also beneficial. It decreases muscle spasm, and has an analgesic effect on surrounding tissues. It improves circulation and is excellent for rehabilitating long held, chronic tension. Hot stones work particularly well in areas of poor blood supply such as bone / tendon junctions, increasing elasticity and range of motion and reducing general stiffness.

Hot stones can be used for the entire massage, or added in to your normal massage for all these extra benefits, making your massage more effective more quickly and prolonging the effects of the treatment afterwards. Above all, it FEELS fantastic!

“You can’t resist the stones, you have to go with the heat, you have to melt”



1 hour: £60
1 ¼ hour: £67
1 ½ hour: £78