hot stone massage

Heat has enormous benefits for the body and has been used to such effect for thousands of years. In a hot stone treatment your body is massaged with the stones, encouraging any tension to melt away. Holding the stones in particularly tight areas helps release the fascia and, in turn, the muscles; whilst placing stones under and on the body unifies your body into a sauna type relaxation, feeling connected from top to toe. Many people describe feeling deeply nurtured during such an experience.

Remedially, a hot stone massage can decrease muscle spasm and have an analgesic effect on surrounding tissues. It improves circulation and is excellent for rehabilitating areas of poor blood supply such as bone / tendon junctions - increasing elasticity and range of motion. Combined with massage this can reduce greatly general stiffness and many clients have reported more long-lasting effects after the massage, and a deeper ‘reach’ of the treatment, due to the additional healing properties of the heat.

“You can’t resist the stones, you have to go with the heat, you have to melt”



55 mins: €60
80 mins: €85