manual lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system is extremely important but often little understood. Running alongside the blood circulatory system, the lymph is primarily used by the body to regulate protein & fat molecules in the blood. But another major role is to produce anti-bodies to fight infection and to take up the waste products of infection. In this way, the lymphatic system is a major part of the immune system. Perhaps the most common way we experience the lymphatic system working is when the glands in our neck swell up with a cold or sore throat as the lymph glands increase in size to cope with fighting the infection.

A much more medical massage than usual, MLD is used in two ways. Either to move the lymph through the body and so ease swollen areas, or as a full body treatment, to counteract a sluggish system and support a weakened immune system – good for people who continually feel tired, suffer regularly from colds or live with ME / chronic fatigue syndrome / Lyme Disease.

My treatments are to treat the latter and are therefore full body treatments only.

Those seeking treatment for lymphoedema or other swellings, are advised to find a practitioner from the website:


90 mins: €80