thai foot massage

Despite its name, thai foot massage originated in India and reached South East Asia through the spread of Buddhism, as it was largely performed by monks. Today, similarities can be seen to Chinese medicine in the way it uses acupressure along the energy 'sen lines' which are believed to function in the same way as Chinese meridians.

I use the treatment to make the feet really supple, and stimulated, and to promote overall health.  Despite being called foot massage, the treatment goes up to the knees, so the whole of the lower leg gets a really good work out.  And because the treatment works on the reflex points of the feet, you actually receive a whole body treatment through the feet.

The feet are a very important and often neglected part of the body: the suppleness of the fascia on the soles allows for easy movement, and the well functioning of the many bones and joints in the foot are significant in terms of overall body alignment. Particular ailments such as plantar fasciitis, stiff ankles and calf cramps are all helped from such a treatment.

An aromatic foot soak is given at the beginning of the treatment and a soothing peppermint foot balm is used during.

"You don’t realize you have tension in your feet until it’s gone" Faye



45 mins: €40